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Why do People Call me Pedro?

Updated: May 11, 2023

If you know me well, you will have heard some colleagues, friends and associates call me Pedro. Many a time I've been gingerly approached by someone with the question, "Is it Pete, Peter or Pedro? I've heard you being called Pedro, but you introduced yourself as Pete." Here is the real story.

I am not Spanish. Neither am I Italian. I was born in Cooma Hospital. My parents are your typical mongrel Australian. But, there is a German count in my heritage. As you can see from the regal gaze in the picture, blue blood runs in my veins.

The etymology of my name has its routes in (Swiss) German. As I said, I was born in Cooma. It's the closest hospital to Thredbo, which was my Fathers place of employment. He worked for Lend Lease who owned Thredbo at the time. Anyway, I was the toast of the town amongst the Austrians, Germans and other assorted scando's who settled in Thredbo to work on the mountain or the Snowy Hydro scheme. Upon hearing that Mother had named me Peter, I quickly got the nickname, "Pedillee". Little Peter in Swiss German. As is what Aussies do, it was shortened to Pedro. It stuck.

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